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A Fabulous Opportunity For Skilled Writers To Write For Our Website

writers and bloggers to write for our website. Your article/work will be used by local and foreign travelers as a guide to planning their next holiday tour in Sri Lanka. Below are the guidelines for your articles.

  • 1000-1200-words is the ideal word count we request for every article. Anyway, if your content is FABULOUS, then we accept even an 850-word limit.
  • Your article should include: Hotel facilities, about your place, notable travel destinations close to your hotel/place, activities, accommodation, all contact details, distance to the airport(s,) and drive-time from your place/hotel to the airport.
  • We don’t allow outbound links in an article. Anyway, if a link supports your article to a greater extent and fully relevant, then we will consider it.
  • Use your article’s title as the name of the document. Avoid naming your document’s as “submission.docx.”
  • Hold THREE headings in your article.
  • .doc, .docs, .pdf are the allowed file types/formats.
  • Send your supporting images for articles in JPG or PNG format as separate attachments. Images should not have watermarks, and we use our page watermark on your images.
  • Only 100%-plagiarism free content has a space on our website. Also, the article you send us should not be posted elsewhere. We are very strict about plagiarism, and we will detect if any.
  • We have the right to amend your articles to make it better.
  • Don’t send robotic pitches and spammy content. We have a GREAT audience; hence send us your best work.