Colombo Sri Lanka, The Ceylon’s Capital & The Best City

Colombo of Sri Lanka is the heart of the country, a commercial city that gets visited by the highest number of tourists every year. Every foreign tourist that visits the pearl of the Indian Ocean starts his/her journey from Colombo. It is pretty safe to say that this city holds the highest number of places to visit, even though the environment of it lacks in natural beauty. Colombo being the most developed city of the island is the reason why many tourists visit it. Also, world-famous hotels such as The Hilton Colombo and Galle Face Hotel make more foreign travelers visit Colombo for luxury holidays.

Colombo Sri Lanka


Colombo weather and general conditions

Colombo Tourism & Climate

The climate in Colombo is generally constant throughout the year and the temperature also almost constant throughout the year. The average temperature can be as high as 30 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperatures occur in the months between November to February. And, rainfall is pretty regular from the end of April to June and again from September to November. Anyway, the highest facility levels available in Colombo Sri Lanka makes touring in it convenient, no matter the season. When compared to other cities on the island, Colombo is the city where you can take part in the highest number of night activities including clubbing and casino.

Hotels in Colombo and tourism

Hotels in Colombo Sri Lanka

Available transport means within the city make touring in Colombo more practical. Buses, trains, road chains, ferries, and even boat rides are in operation within the city, and those transportation means are safe and relatively efficient. Also, you can hire private vehicles such as chauffeurs, taxi, and Tuk Tuks. Hotels in Colombo gets a top place among all the hotels established on the island. And, it is pretty safe to say that the county’s finest hotels are in the Colombo region. And, most of the reputable holes are star-grade ones that have gained world recognition.

Tourists have more than enough places to visit in Colombo Sri Lanka. The National Museum, Galle face Green, Dutch-Period Museum, Viharamahadevi Public Park, Federation of Self Employees Market, Dutch Hospital, Geoffrey Bawa House, Old City Hall, St Anthony’s Church, Traditional Puppet Art Museum, and many more attractions are there to witness in Colombo. And, all these attractions located within a confined area makes it more convenient for tourists; you can cover all those attractions within a day.

Casino In Colombo

Casino in Colombo | Ballys Casino

Over the past few years, private investors and the government have initiated a few casinos in Colombo, aiming tourists especially. Bally’s Casino is a famous casino club in Sri Lanka.

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