Kaudulla National Park is a Must-Visit Place in Sri Lanka

Kaudulla National Park, a place to visit in Sri Lanka for a perfect holiday experience that is attached to wildlife, birds, and nature. At a distance of 197 kilometers (122 mi) from Colombo, you can reach this national park via a road chain that starts from several parts of the country. Kaudulla can be come to by Colombo-Trincomalee main-road. The access to Kaudulla is 22 km north of the town of Habarana. The nearest railroad station is at Minneriya. On the first of April 2002, the officials designated the area as a national park, and it became the 15th such reserved in Sri Lanka since then. As soon as we hear the name Kaudulla, the concept of “Important Bird Area” comes to our mind.

The history of the Kaudulla National Park can extend up to the periods of the great king Mahasen, but it went through an abandoned period later. Anyway, back in 1959; a reconstruction process took place, which made it a place that attracted reptiles, fishes, mammals, and birds.


kaudulla national park safari

Kaudulla National Park Accommodation Options To Consider

kaudulla national park accommodation

As a famous tourist destination on the island, this park region has got plenty of accommodation places such as hotels, homestays, resorts, and so on. Also, as the civil war in the country is over; you don’t need to worry about your safety when visiting the area. Anyway, make sure you do your online research when booking rooms at a hotel or other accommodation center.

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Kaudulla National Park Jeep Safari Service Providers


As mentioned, this park is one of the famous safari destinations on the island, and many safari planners have established over the past few years. All these jeep safari planners have come up with unique packages to give you the best possible safari experience, and they provide a guide who knows all about the national park to make it an expedition. A safari in the Kaudulla Park in Sri Lanka is a can list yearning for some visitors, which mean the spot is a completely inconceivable untamed life exhibition. Get a chance to see the high biodiversity of Sri Lanka as its uncommon and endemic natural life and avian species.


All in all, Kaudulla National Park is a must-visit place when you visit Sri Lanka.

kaudulla park safari

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