Sri Pada – The Legend Explained Precisely Here

Located in the southern reaches of the central highlands, Sri Pada or Adam’s peak in Sri Lanka is one of the most visited places on the island. The legend behind is the main reason for its sacredness. The first thing that comes to our mind is the “sacred footprint,” which Buddhists people consider as the footprint of Lord Buddha. Of course, some other beliefs are also there to discuss here. Lately, this iconic place has become a top attraction of foreign travelers from around the world as the legend behind it is brilliantly impressive. According to “Sri Lankan” Buddhists history, the sacred left footprint of the Lord Buddha, which we can see as a rock formation near the summit; is the icon there. The god Sumana Saman invited Lord Buddha to place his sacred footprint on the mountain; hence people can worship it.

Adam’s peak in Sri Lanka

Sri Pada | Adam's Peak - Sri Lanka
Sri Pada | Adam’s Peak – Sri Lanka

This is what the Christians believe about it. Since Adam ate forbidden fruits and expelled from paradise, he fell upon the earth on top of the mountain where he stood on one foot for a thousand years. Hence, Adam’s thousand-year-long distress on the mountaintop left this 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) rock formation near the summit. The Hindus, on the other side; consider it as Lord Shiva’s footprint. The Muslim tradition believes that it is the footprint of 30-feet-tall Adam (Adam’s Peak Sri Lanka – قمة آدم في سريلانكا). All these facts suggest that Sri Pada or Adam’s peak is a place that people from many societies and religions visit with sacred feelings/thoughts in their minds.

Sri Pada
Sri Pada – photo credit –

When to visit Sri Pada?

Well, this is one of the top factors to consider if you visit Sri Lanka to be on this holy mountaintop. Well, don’t worry! The “PILGRIM” season or the season that you have access to the holy mountain extends from December to May. The “Unduvap” full-moon day in December is the beginning day of the pilgrim season and ends in May on the Wesak full-moon day. It is believed that wildlife including elephants visit this holy place for worshiping during offseason. Hence, Sri Pada is inaccessible during the offseason.

A quick tip: Sri Pada will be a crowded place during pilgrim season, especially on full-moon days. Hence, be ready to stand in a stationary queue for hours. Still, climbing the mountain will be a memorable/unique experience, which you will remember for a lifetime.

Guidelines for climbers

Below are some expert tips and facts for foreign travelers:

  • The conical mountain is 2,243 m (7,359 ft) tall.
  • The holy mountain is in an exceptionally-dense forest region.
  • Weekends and full-moon days during the pilgrim season can get overly crowded; hence avoid such days.
  • Don’t rush, climb at a leisurely pace.
  • Since rainfall can make your trip experience a miserable one, check the weather report.
  • Bringing your own snacks and water is highly advisable.
  • A raincoat, umbrella, and warm clothes are necessary items to bring.
  • As a foreign traveler, you will benefit from booking a tourer as they can educate you more on the holy journey.


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