The Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka Explained By Experts

Worried about what is the best time to visit Sri Lanka? Well, you don’t need to worry about a “winter” when visiting the pearl island, but rainy seasons are things to consider. Sri Lanka gets affected by two monsoons a year. Anyway, no matter when you visit the island; a place will be there with fair weather conditions to enjoy and have the time of your life. But, some parts of the country can badly get affected during monsoon seasons; hence knowing the places and sites to avoid during these seasons is highly advisable when discussing the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka. For example, from the end of April to May and even up to September; the main monsoon brings heavy rain to the hill country and west/southwest coastal regions.

The second monsoon hits the island from November to March mostly to the east coast.


Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka

So, what is the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka?

Well, when considering the weather patterns; from December to March is the best period to visit the hill country and the west and south coasts, and April/May to September is the best period to visit east coast regions.

The temperature in Sri Lanka

One can explain the best time to go to Sri Lanka by the temperature and humidity changes as well. Anyway, as an island that is closer to the Equator; the island’s temperature doesn’t change much throughout the year, though minor drops can occur during rainy seasons. The average temperature close to the sea level can vary from 26–30°C. And, as the altitude increases, the temperature drops gradually, making Kandy temperature to take 18–22°C and 14–17°C in Nuwara Eliya.

Best Time to Go to Sri Lanka In terms of activities and festivals to witness, you can visit the island any time of the year. In summary, there’s such a thing called the best time to travel Sri Lanka when considering weather and climate.

best time to travel Sri Lanka

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