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Sri Lanka Holidays and Planning Your Trip/Tour Accordingly

Sri Lankan Holidays – “When is the next public holiday” is a question that we often hear in Sri Lanka as those holidays are the perfect days for planning trips and tours. In Sri Lanka, we mainly have three types of holidays, and according to the leave type; the sectors that get an off day from work varies. Learn so that you can plan your Sri Lankan holiday when holidays in Sri Lanka are held.

Sri Lanka Holidays | Sri Lanka Public Holidays

Sri Lanka Public Holidays

Poya Day, bank holiday, and mercantile holidays are the holiday perspectives to consider here. For example, Poya Day gives a day off to all the sectors from banks to mercantile, but some festival/celebratory days don’t. A quick tip: A few bank holidays are not holidays for the private sector — all Poya days, Mayday, Christmas day, and Sinhala/Tamil New Year days are leaves for all the divisions including the private sector. It is best if you plan your trip on one of those holidays, especially when two or more consecutive days are leaves. While religious festivals create most of the holidays in Sri Lanka, meaning is given to Full moon Poya days during which the sale of alcoholic drinks, fish and poultry are illegal. Some stores and businesses will also be closed on Poya days while the New Year festival in mid-April and the two day holiday for Vesak in May see a general dip in government, mercantile and banking businesses, once the country takes time to observe or to grab a breath.