Cultural Tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka needs to take cultural tourism if it needs to attract tourists from the diverse definition. A former BBC journalist and Communications expert MJR David that innovative communication strategy needs to be adapted if cultural tourism is to be promoted.

Cultural Tourism in Sri LankaThe cultural heritage you fall from Buddhism has produced a number of interesting attractions.


the culture of South India which has inroads into the Sri Lankan tradition is a great attraction to the Indian tourist on the other hand European British and the Dutch had had March to Sri Lanka’s culture however as communication expert MJR David points out cultural tourism husband Limited to the main cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Galle, and Sigiriya.

Cultural Tourism in Sri Lanka“There is much more than this but we need to look beyond the beaten track,” Said, M.J.R. David. Travel tips will be publishing a series of articles on the less known cultural attractions of Sri Lanka.

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