Cultural Tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s tropical landscape has made it the top winter destination (Sri Lanka Top Winter Destination) as the cold wind grips the northern hemisphere. According to the USA TODAY, Sri Lanka is ranked aked on the top among twenty warm-weather destinations.

Galapagos Island is ranked second and followed by other proper destinations such as Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Hanoi, Vietnam, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Saint Lucia, etc.


Sri Lanka stands out among many warm destinations mainly because of its mild weather of an average of 25 C, silver beaches, green hilltops, and lush tea plantations.

The selection of this exotic destination has been justified by the selectors highlighting it’s its stunning unspoiled wilderness, colorful history, and flavorful cuisine.

Although the country is a predominantly Buddhist country the holiday mood sets in with the dawn of Christmas and continues in the New Year. So, there is much to enjoy in the hotel circuit with generous packages offered.

Tourist arrivals are on the increase. The latest data released by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) revels that the tourism arrivals in November 2019 have increased to 176,587 from 118,743 in October 2019, recording the highest number of tourist arrivals, since the unfortunate Easter bombings in April.

Sri Lanka Top Winter DestinationTravel experts say that normalcy has returned soon and that tourist arrivals are to double in the festival season.

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