Kandy Esala Perahera, The Grandest Festival of Ceylon

For centuries, the Kandy Esala Perahera, or the festival of the tooth has been amazed us with its elegant costumes and unique Sri Lankan cultural aspects such as traditional Kandyan dancing and tuskers. Of course, many parades take place across the world, but Kandy Perahera is unique as it a religious festival like in no other country. Also, it is the festival that has been organized for prolonged periods in world’s history; since the 3rd century. As a foreign traveler, you should witness the greatness of it at least one time in your lifetime. Paying homage to the sacred tooth of the Lord Buddha is the chief object of this majestic religious festival.

dalada peraheraKandy Perahera at a glance

Hundreds of traditional local dances, iconic traditional symbols, tuskers adorned with extravagant garments, and the sacred tooth — the union of all these will give you a spiritual feeling/experience that you cannot have elsewhere. Even though it is a religious festival, it is celebrated in an enthralling way. Kandy Perahera is a unique symbol of Sri Lanka.


Kandy Esala PeraheraKandy Esala PeraheraWhen it takes place?

The dates may vary from year to year as the Esala Poya day varies every year. For example, this year’s final Randoli Perahera will take place on the 25th Aug 2018. A quick tip: before the final Randoli Perahera, nine other Peraheras that are also iconic and full of passion take place in Kandy. So, you can spend a splendid holiday in Kandy if you visit Sri Lanka during Esala season. Well, we advise you purchase tickets from the official website ( for secure bookings and payments. Since whole Kandy gets packed with thousands of viewers, booking your tickets and viewing zone in advance is highly advisable. Make sure you got ample of memory cards and a top-quality DSLR camera to record the whole grand festival and share your experience with your loved ones.

Kandy Esala Perahera

The tusker that bears the sacred tooth of the Lord Buddha is the obvious highlight of the whole festival. The tusker that dances according to the traditional drumming will make you understand how special this grand festival, the Kandy Esala Perahera is.

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