Udawalawe National Park is a Paradise Full of Wildlife

Sri Lanka is an island full of nature’s wonders, and the Udawalawe National Park is undoubtedly a super example for it. From endemic plants to animals including bird species, this national park is a paradise full of nature’s wonders; hence you can enjoy the best of the island by visiting it. Of course, many other national parks are there on the island, but the Udawalawe National Park deserves a special mention. Established on the 30th June 1972, the park extends for 30,821 hectares (119.00 sq mi,) which makes it one of the vastest nature reserved areas in Sri Lanka.

Udawalawe Safari For A Perfect Wildlife ExperienceUdawalawe Safari - Udawalawe National Park Wildlife Experience

When discussing fauna of the park, we should highlight the presence of mammals, birds, reptiles, and fishes. Did you know that the Udawalawe National Park is one of the principal habitats for Sri Lankan elephants? Yes, an Udawalawe safari lets you enjoy all of it, and it is known as one of the safest and complete safaris you can take park when visiting the island. Estimations show that the park is a home for about 250 Sri Lankan elephants, which is a significant number of the total elephant population in the country.


Uda WalaweWell, not only mammals, this nature reserve is an iconic birdwatching site on the island where you will witness endemics such as Brown-capped babbler, Red-faced Malkoha, and so on. Also, the park is the home for about 30 snake species and a variety of fishes and other reptiles.

The best time for an Udawalawe National Park Safari

Udawalawe National Park

Well, you can see the elephants during dry and rainy seasons. The temperature may rise up to 37 degrees Celsius during the dry season; hence be prepared to survive the extreme heat. The chance that you will come across a herd of elephants is over 90%. In summary, you can fulfill your wildlife cravings by visiting the park during the dry and rainy seasons of the year.

Udawalawe National Park Bungalows for Accommodation

Gonawiddagala Bungalow - Udawalawe National Park Bungalows for Accommodation
Gonawiddagala Bungalow
  • Gonawiddagala Bungalow
  • Sinnuggala Bungalow
  • Weheragolla Tourist Bungalow
  • Thimbiriya Mankada Circuit Bungalow
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